Lebanese Man Just Pulled a La Casa De Papel on a Bank in Tyre

Ibrahim Amro/AFP

According to NNA, a Lebanese citizen, along with a group of protesters, closed down a bank in Tyre as a sign of civil disobedience. The group of protesters held the employees inside the bank as hostages, La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) style.

Upon closing the bank, they hung signs on its entrance gate saying: “In the name of the Lebanese people and my mother, this branch was closed until God decides differently (until further notice).”

The group of protesters clarified in their statement that “what was taken by force is not recovered without force,” referencing to the refusal of banks to give depositors their money in dollars.

Influenced by the popular drama crime Netflix series La Casa De Papel, they held the bank’s employees and manager for more than an hour as hostages.

One of them claimed that La Casa De Papel’s move was pulled because the bank refused to give him the money needed (USD 15,000) to treat his sick mother.

The bank reopened and the hostages were freed upon the arrival of security forces to the scene. The security forces, alongside the group of protesters, worked to resolve the problem.

Lebanon has been suffering from lack of dollar liquidity, and, thereby, shortage in dollars for months. This has greatly affected Lebanese people who have been unable to withdraw money from their bank accounts.

During the 17 October Lebanese Revolution, the influence of La Casa De Papel was obvious in revolution squares and civil disobedience moments. Dressing as Dali and singing Bella Caio, the Spanish series was very much alive in regions across Lebanon.

The series depicts in its 38 episodes symbols of resilience, resistance, and stance against oligarchy and corrupt governmental system; all of which the Lebanese people can considerably relate to.

The Professor, mastermind behind the money heist in the series, explained the reason behind the Royal Mint heist plan and his La Resistencia obsession.

He explained that his father had to rob a bank so he can financially support him because Sergio (Professor) was sick and had no governmental support. His father was shot by the police during a bank robbery.

Even though bank robberies in Lebanon are not common, the story that led to the heist is. The desperation of citizens can lead to a responsible resistance, like a revolution, or an irrational resistance, like a money heist.

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