Lebanese Influencer Raymi Will Run Over 40 KM Barefoot For A Cause This Sunday

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Throughout his entire journey, Raymi, also known as illusionist Raymi, has challenged himself to aspire and inspire.

Raymi has brought it on himself this year to organize an initiative in Lebanon after being in Dubai for the past two years.

As so, he is running a marathon barefoot from Dbayeh to Batroun this Saturday; a distance equating to over 40Km.

Raymi told 961 that the event has three dimensions: Personal, Country-wise, and the cause.

Raymi is thirty years old and was off on a mental break post the stressful COVID-19. Now, however, he felt the need to change and challenge himself.

It was a general thought in Raymi’s mind to run this marathon thinking it wasn’t gonna break this big.

He explained that people in Lebanon need to understand that by supporting each other we can achieve anything. He acknowledged that it is a struggle to meet ends for goals in Lebanon but, still, it is doable.

Raymi exclusively shared with 961 that the main drive behind this marathon is his past diagnosis of cancer in 2017. He added that he now takes prevention pills yet, as most people, he struggles to get a hold of those meds amid the continuous shortage of medicine in Lebanon.

Raymi shared with us that those who recently got diagnosed with cancer are undergoing immense pain and stress trying to find the required treatment in Lebanon.

Regarding Raymi’s marathon, it will take place on July 24th starting from Dbayeh, Matn district at 4:30 A.M near Carpetplus Medco gas station, provided four stops follow:

  • the end of Jounieh, Keserwan district at the other side of the Casino near Dunkin
  • near Chamsine in Halat, Byblos district
  • Amchit, Jbeil district near Drift King academy
  • Berbara, Byblos district near Bitar bakery

The run will go on to reach the food village in Batroun where there will be a welcome tent offered by the municipality. At each stop, there will be volunteers and some agendas in which people can donate by buying those or directly using cash.

People are also welcome to show support by just being there or even running a certain distance with him.

When asked about the link between running barefoot and the target of the marathon, Raymi explained that it started as an individual challenge and progressed further from there on. He used to suffer from great back pain and he researched the whole barefoot strategy.

Fast forward to today, Raymi runs long distances and lifts heavy weights with no more back pain!

He insisted on the power of the human body and its superior abilities while explaining the BS portrayed by the media on running shoes and other things; at least most of it.

Raymi concluded that being barefoot is his way of showing the world and especially Lebanon that we need to get out of our comfort zone.

“Life is not always that easy, but life is f***ing beautiful,” he said, pointing at his famous slogan “Let’s Live.”

People wishing to donate can also do so via a bank transfer or Western Union. Donations will go to the NGO Crush Kancer with A smile.

For more details on how to donate follow this link.

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