This Is How The Lebanese Are Reacting To The Aftermath Of The Brevet Results


The Lebanese Brevet official exam results came out on the early morning of Friday, July 15th.

Following the announcement of the results, and after weeks of being kept on hold, brevet students received the news, some happily and others not at all.

For those who made it, there had to be a special celebration, as parents and extended families tend to be and act happier than the students themselves.

Some even go overboard, firing guns in the air; an uncalled-for celebratory custom that often yields damage and even pain and grief.

This time was no different. Injuries were reported and also costly damages to properties.

People on Twitter were raging after their solar panels, which are now abundant on rooftops due to the electricity crisis, were penetrated by bullets flying over.

Twitter user Jamal Fayad tweeted: “Reports indicate that human injuries caused by the ridiculous celebratory gunfire were many, and people’s losses of their solar panels damaged by bullets were many… Why doesn’t this donkey celebrating his child’s success save the cost of his expensive bullets to secure the expenses of his son’s education?”

It is to note that the Brevet is just one step in the educational journey of Lebanese students, with years ahead before reaching university.

Twitter user Ousama Abdulwahed commented sarcastically saying that these were the results of Harvard exams, hence worth the wild celebratory reactions:
“The “Harvard” brevet results came out
The village caught on fire
A young boy was injured
Solar panels got destroyed…
Bullets went through some cars
And most of those shooting are [poor and] hungry
We are sons of Ignorant, per excellence”

Over social media, a video was trending for a guy who almost got hit and killed by a random celebratory bullet:

The dark humor in every disaster has always been the Lebanese people’s coping mechanism. These are more samples from Twitter:

Since this isn’t over, and the official exam results of the higher education level (Terminal/BACII) are coming out soon:

Translates to: “Those who suffered solar panel damages shouldn’t replace them as the [official] “Terminal” results are coming out next week!”

Another Twitter user that goes by the name Lady_mimi had a prayer to share for the solar panels, wishing them a safe night:

The Lebanese people have had enough of these unrestrained celebratory gunfire events causing pain, damage, and losses. And also terror. While some still deem them “normal”, most don’t.

Just this week, the Iraqi ambassador to Lebanon was also seen in a video firing an RPG in Bekaa, claiming it a custom of the tribal leaders he was visiting. This came as news to the Lebanese people who didn’t even know that the said custom ever existed.

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