Kylie Jenner Named Her Baby “Aire” & I Just Can’t With These Lebanese Comments


Kylie Jenner has revealed her second child’s name and unveiled his face to the public.

Last February 2, 2022, Kylie and Travis Scott announced the birth of their son, one day after their daughter Stormi Webster’s birthday.

Despite occasional pictures, the couple had been private about sharing details of their newborn.

Initially, they announced they had chosen the name Wolf, but later decided to change it.

Kylie finally revealed her baby boy’s name, along with a series of photos on her Instagram post.

“AIRE 🤍,” she wrote in the Instagram post.


It received over 18 million likes in just under 13 hours. And among the almost 125,000 comments, you’ll find one Lebanese to set things off, @halaa.isamill with the “Well Lebanese people will get this🙌.”

Before we continue, for the non-Lebanese, ayre is slang for male genitalia. Now with that out of the way, Lebanese people couldn’t hold themselves back:

“What’s your problem ya aire?”

Travis Scott became “abou aire”

“Kylie: can I bring someone with me?
-: Yes of course
Kylie: Deal Aire is coming with me”

“Kylie Jenner: Can you eat Aire already, we need to leave”

@salahh1995: “So she’s technically Imm Aire?”

@zakariarayes: “L3ab ma3 Aire 🙌”

“play with Aire”

@thekholyo: “Sheft aire? Ebna la kylie jenner!”

“Did you see aire? Kylie’s son”

@akramaldouri: “Woow !! Aire is getting bigger Kylie !”

This is why you need Lebanese friends in your life.

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