How Lebanese Reacted To French Jets Flying Over Beirut


As promised, French President Emmanuel Macron has returned to Beirut to help Lebanon find solutions to its many ailments, starting with the government.

His arrival coincides with the 100th anniversary of the declaration of Greater Lebanon.

To celebrate that, French military jets flew over Beirut Tuesday morning, but to say the least… it wasn’t such a great idea.

Not all reactions were as negative though. Some people welcomed the Patrouille de France aerobatics demonstration unit.

But it was evident that most people on Lebanese Twitter were disapproving of the centennial flypast.

It seems pointless for the Lebanese to celebrate during these times, especially the 100th anniversary of a French declaration which, although pivotal in the country’s history, was not the birth of Lebanon.

The Lebanese fought too long back then to recuperate their country and that phase in history was part of their achievements, one among the others they heroically struggled for until their independence over two decades later.

France did not give birth to Lebanon. It didn’t even “gift” it the Lebanese Republic. The founding fathers of Lebanon’s independence fought to ensure it.

France’s gesture with this air show was certainly meant with good intention, and probably to show solidarity with the people. And all its generous support to Lebanon during this terrible disaster has been certainly very appreciated by all.

However, the nation is still mourning and Lebanon today has nothing to celebrate other than the tremendous courage of its people struggling to survive and recuperate their basic rights and their political sovereignty.