This Is How Lebanese People Are Reacting To The Exemption Website Not Working

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The government created a website that allows people, who need to leave their homes for serious matters, to make personal requests during the newly instated lockdown that includes a 24-hours curfew until January 25th.

It appears that responses for permits have been set to automatic, with no one at the receiving end to review the requests. It has brought the people to take it and the lockdown as serious as the website’s functionality. Aka, none whatsoever.

Not so unusual in that, dysfunction has been the theme Lebanon is in for… quite a time. And with people taking advantage of this one, getting approved for random reasons, the highways are jammed on the first day of the lockdown, and reactions have been many on social media.

Here’s how people are reacting:

Concerned about the website’s accuracy:

“I asked permission and got approval in mere seconds. I do not think there is an actual review of the requests and information.”

Shocked about a request with fake information getting approved:

The request of “gfghfg ffghf” was approved allowing them to be out for 4 hours in the “dsdfs” area.

Bewildered that this reason was accepted:

Calling out these jokesters:

And the sarcastic remarks

“They’re all delivery.”

“Bless be, they are all doctors.”

“People today, 5% locked down, 95% delivery. No need to panic.”

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