How Lebanese People Reacted To The Bug Invasion

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While the Lebanese government has enforced a four-day strict lockdown to keep the citizens out of the streets, there’s another reason to lock up and stay indoors.

And it’s apocalyptic insects (with wings!).

As if we needed more things to worry about!

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Lebanon is witnessing a massive swarm of bugs in the area. The country is experiencing a sudden rise in temperature (it has reached 30+ degrees celsius) which may be the cause of this insect wave.

The swam includes cockroaches along with other bugs and it’s pretty freaky.

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Currently, in the US, killer wasps are emerging and their sting is lethal! At least we can be thankful that the bugs in Lebanon are merely gross, but not harmful (just really gross!).

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People online are not amused. On top of the political instability, economic crisis, and the pandemic, Lebanon has yet another thing to dread. Here are some of the best reactions:

Thinking economy…

The super true GIF…

People who’ve had enough of this farce of a year…

Actual footage (brace yourselves)…

Perhaps the coronavirus will be gone soon thanks to these bugs keeping everyone at home (or eating the virus away?).

In any case, stay home, people, and keep all your windows and doors shut!

Bugs? Seriously? Who invited them?

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