Lebanese Farmer Breaks A Record For Growing The Largest Pumpkin In The MENA


Lebanon’s spacious green land offers an advantage to farmers in the country to practice their love for agriculture.

For a while, Lebanese crops have been a minor asset to the GDP, but that didn’t stop this farmer in the Aley town of Kaftoun from growing a gigantic a pumpkin.

It weighs a whooping 341 kg, making it the largest pumpkin in the region.

Source: LBCI

While his recent harvest is considered to be his biggest agricultural achievement, this hasn’t been his first attempt to grow Lebanon’s largest pumpkin.

Last year, he managed to grow a huge pumpkin but not as gigantic as his recent harvest.

Source: LBCI

Abdel Salam Muhammad Al-Maghribi has been patiently waiting to harvest his gigantic fruit from his land since May, challenging his own previous record.

Source: LBCI

His secret ingredient? Love.

Muhammad’s recent harvest is three-time larger than his first attempt, thus holding the record for growing the largest pumpkin in Lebanon and the MENA region.

Such news has certainly cheered up the Lebanese, momentarily forgetting all about the chaos happening around the country.

Some Lebanese Twitter users salivated at the thought of some Lebanese pumpkin dishes and went on and on tweeting about them in response to the image of the happy farmer with his massive pumpkin.

Let’s say that with a pumpkin this large, Muhammad could probably feed his whole neighborhood some delicious pumpkin kibbe.

Now, the question that is probably on everyone’s mind is: Has our happy farmer broken the world record with his 341-kg pumpkin? Nope.

The holder of the Guinness World Record for the Heaviest Pumpkin is still Mathias Willemijns, a Belgium farmer and his 1,190.5 kg pumpkin in 2016.

However, Al-Maghribi could score it one day, seeing how dedicated and determined he is.

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