Lebanese Red Cross Had 2999 Missions in Just 1 Week of the Protests

While the Lebanese people in the homeland write a new chapter in the history of their country, the Lebanese Army endeavors to protect the citizens on the streets of Lebanon, and the Lebanese in the diaspora massively supporting across the world, little can we forget the amazing work the Lebanese Red Cross has been dedicating on the ground, and relentlessly.


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We don’t forget because they never forget us, these angels hustling silently and discreetly away from the spotlight, with only one aim in mind and action: Helping the wounded and saving lives.

Despite that our protests have been significantly peaceful and joyful, there have been incidents, some of which were life-threatening, and there have been assaults on our protesters in regions like Nabatieh in the south, and today Oct 25, in downtown Beirut.


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You might not know this, but during the first seven days of the protests, the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) carried 2999 missions and has treated 900 individuals, 676 at the scene and 224 transported to the hospitals. In fact, LRC has currently 3000 volunteers helping out!


Despite their great work and all-time impeccable reputation of neutrality, some people took to social media spreading rumors to incite the protesters against the LRC passing ambulances. They claimed that the LRC is using its ambulances to ferry ministers around Beirut.

In response, the LRC posted on its social media platforms on Monday, Oct 21st, a picture of one of its ambulances saying, “Not every ambulance in Lebanon belongs to the Lebanese Red Cross. The news come and go, but what remains is your love, trust, and support.”

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A day earlier, on October 19th, the protesters had shown their support and love to the Red Cross by chanting in Beirut, “Lebanese, Lebanese, the Red Cross is Lebanese!” 

Indeed, the Lebanese people hold the Lebanese Red Cross in high esteem, and now as always, with the protesters appreciating its relentless help.


Just recently, a fascinating night scene was caught by a citizen at home from his balcony overlooking a massive crowd of protesters. An LRC ambulance was reaching the crowd blocking the road. In unison, the protestors started parting in two, standing on the sides and opening the road, not only making way for the ambulance but also clapping and cheering to it as it passed through.

That video went viral in Lebanon. The LRC caught it and posted it on its social media accounts, captioning: “Thank you for helping us in saving lives.”


There is a Lebanese Red Cross ambulance and volunteers in each protest all around Lebanon, helping people and saving lives, disregarding who they are and where they come from.

We want to reiterate and remind everybody that the LRC is a neutral, independent, and impartial organization. Its teams are fully dedicated to helping anyone in need during the protests, whether they are part of the revolution protests or of the opposing side.

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Our people owe the Lebanese Red Cross so much, for its teams are always there whenever they are needed, doing consciously what they are all about: Saving human lives! 

We meant to share this with you today while our nation lives daily its revolution for a better Lebanon, so to give tribute to these outstanding humans, serving us with love and care. Thank you Red Cross Lebanon for all that you do, now and always. We appreciate you!

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