Why The Lebanese Red Cross Is Trusted By Everyone In Lebanon & Abroad


The Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) has been, since 1995 and by governmental mandate, the number one important provider of first aid and medical ambulance services in the country.

During the Lebanese Civil War, the number of volunteers increased to 150 because of the need created. In 1982, with the escalation of the Israeli hostilities against Lebanon, this number increased to reach 1000 volunteers in 27 centers.

Today, there are almost 2600 volunteers spread over 42 first aid centers and 3 operation rooms across the country.

The Lebanese Red Cross has proved itself to be worthy of the nation’s trust, as well as a trusted entity for citizens abroad.

All through Lebanon’s worst internal conflicts, it has never taken sides, always enacting a Human-first principle, saving lives without discrimination.

Its teams of volunteers have always been there for the people, always on sites of protests, wildfires, and conflicts, risking their lives to be pending of the lives of others.

Likewise, they have been here during the outbreak pandemic, exposing themselves to save others.

The Lebanese people know that they can count on their Red Cross at all times and in all circumstances. They are loved and they are highly appreciated.

When the disastrous blast hit Beirut’s port on August 4th, the LRC teams were quickly on the ground, responding to humanitarian needs and trying to save lives.

Thirty teams have mobilized all 125 Lebanese Red Cross ambulances, rescuing and transporting the critically wounded to hospitals.

The LRC volunteers prove themselves through actions; efficient, committed, reliable, caring, concerned. They have been performing search and rescue operations in addition to treating people suffering from injuries.

The residents of Beirut all saw triage and first-aid stations set up across the Beirut port to treat injuries.

“The primary focus is saving lives right now.”

Red Cross Organization

The Lebanese Red Cross is currently providing emergency shelter for 1,000 families and anticipates providing shelter for as many as 10,000 families in the coming months.

Food, water, hygiene kits, masks, gloves and other essentials are being distributed to vulnerable families in need.

So far, as of the time of writing, LRC has conducted 6,000 door-to-door assessments.

To add to the amazing work, trained team members are providing crisis counseling to the community, and also helping in reconnecting families who got separated by this dramatic event.

Concerned family members can visit the Red Cross Restoring Family Links program or contact the Lebanese Red Cross hotlines: +961 71 910269 and +961 76 995587

“The population of Lebanon depends on the Lebanese Red Cross to deliver effective and professional emergency medical services,” said Knut Kaspersen, the International Federation’s head of delegation in Beirut.

“The Red Cross covers 80 percent of all the ambulance missions in Lebanon, on average 450 missions per day,” he added.

With its mission to promote peace and alleviate human pain without discrimination to nationality, political affiliation, sects, or social class, and always being there for all at all times, especially now, the Lebanese Red Cross is the superhero figure for the Lebanese people.

To support them, you can donate at www.supportLRC.app

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