Some Regions In Lebanon Have Had No Electricity For The Past 3 Days

This Lebanese Region Has Had No Electricity For The Past 3 Days

The Lebanese Baalbek-Hermel Governorate has had a continuous electricity blackout for three days in a row, the National News Agency reported on Friday.

Although the region received promises that power would be restored on Thursday, this did not happen, and the prolonged loss of power has already caused massive losses.

Over the past three days, many people in the said governorate have had to throw away their stocks of food and medicine that require constant refrigeration.

People have also been unable to obtain water through pipes due to the lack of electricity, which has caused their water tanks to dry up entirely.

Additionally, telecommunications within the Baalbek-Hermel Governorate have taken a hit because of the situation.

Director-General of Electricité du Liban Kamal Hayek said in a statement that the blackout, caused by a shortage of diesel fuel, is expected to end on Friday afternoon, or at night, at the latest.

Though this particularly severe episode is affecting one governorate, Lebanon as a whole is already going through a severe electricity crisis.

The country plans to alleviate this crisis using fuel imported as part of a trade deal with Iraq. The first shipment of this fuel reached Lebanon on Thursday.

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