Lebanese Professor Ranked 33rd Out Of 668,000 In Research Review

Lebanese Professor Ranked 33rd Out Of 668,000 In Research Review
Al-Maaref University

Lebanese researcher Professor Hussin Hejase has been recognized by the peer review website Publons for his remarkable work in reviewing scientific studies.

According to Publons, Professor Hejase has maintained his position this year as Lebanon’s top prepublication peer reviewer in multidisciplinary sciences.

“On September 23, Professor Hejase ranked first in Lebanon for the number of audited research papers out of 549 (2019) and 803 (2020) Lebanese researchers who belong to all Lebanese universities registered in Publons during the years 2019 and 2020,” Publons said in a statement.

This achievement was accompanied by another, the academic statistics website said, which is reviewing 233 scientific papers in 84 different journals in 2019, and 297 papers in 94 different journals in 2020.

Consequently, Publons ranked Hejase 33rd out of more than 668,000 peer reviewers in 2019 and 83rd out of more than 800,000 globally in peer-reviewing research in various disciplines.

The professor has been an active researcher and professor for over 30 years. He has worked at 7 universities in Lebanon, namely Al-Maaref University, AUB, BUC, LAU, NDU, USEK, and AUST.

Additionally, he worked at two universities abroad, ITESM and Syracuse University in Mexico and the United States, respectively.

In 2018, the independent researcher won Publons’s Peer Review Award for his work on agricultural sciences prepublications. Describing himself, Professor Hejase writes: “Curiosity is my trigger. Always in search of more. Highly motivated.”

Prof. Hussin Hejase has published over 200 research projects and refereed journal articles, conference papers, workshops, and seminars in over 12 countries around the world.

He has also published several books and textbooks in Management Information Systems, Research Methods, Environmental Issues, and other topics.

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