This Lebanese Restaurant Just Won the 2020 Time Out Dubai Award

Lebanese restaurants are being recognized all over the world for their fine cuisine and hospitality. Only a few days ago, a Lebanese restaurant earned the 2020 Detroit Restaurant of the Year in the United States.

Also this week, on February 19th, another Lebanese restaurant came under the news spotlight, and this time in Dubai.

Every year, the Dubai Food Festival and Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards come together to select the best restaurants in 27 different categories. From food and beverages, and Asian to Seafood, they have it all.

All year long, restaurants are reviewed anonymously by a team from Time Out Dubai. They undergo a strict vetting process so only the very best are recognized.  

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This year, the best Lebanese Restaurant award was bestowed upon Ibn AlBahr, which translates into “Son of the Sea” and for a good reason: It’s owned by Lebanese fishermen who also see to the fishing for the daily meals of their menu.

It’s a high-praised beachside seafood restaurant, in Club Vista Mare, on a small private beach on the shore of the Palm Jumeirah, and with outdoor and indoor sitting areas.

“A meal at Ibn AlBahr truly transports you back to the shores of Lebanon,” Ibn Al-Bahr states in its website, and it has indeed lived up to its promises, according to its popularity. 

The restaurant is “owned by fishermen” as the owners proudly proclaim. Hence, they know very well what’s the best seafood to serve and how and when to cook it.

Their seafood is always fresh, and they make it a point that no fish is ever kept for more than 12 hours.

In addition to their seafood menu, the restaurant also serves all the amazing variety of the Lebanese cuisine, including hot and cold Mezza, Tabbouleh, Kebbet Samak (fish Kebbeh), Cheese Rakakat, Muhammara with Hummus, Hummus with Pine Nuts, and so many more delicious Lebanese dishes.

Hence, Ibn Albahr earned this year the winning title of the Best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai after a year of a strict vetting process.

It also claimed another win: The “Best Seafood – Highly Commended.” It now carries proudly the Time Out 2020 Dubai Restaurant title in the category of Lebanese Restaurants.

Worth citing here two other Lebanese restaurants that came highly recommended by Time Out Dubai as a result of their strict vetting process for 2020: Al Safadi and Babel.

Al Safadi is a chain of restaurants that can be found in Lebanon also. In its various locations in Dubai, it also serves (and caters) authentic Lebanese fine cuisine with a side of Lebanese hospitality said to make you feel at home.

Babel Restaurant, on the other hand, is known for its progressive fine cuisine. They serve a contemporary fusion of Lebanese flavors, with an array of seafood specialties.

Lebanese food is the best you can find, whether its fine cuisine in fancy restaurants or its street food like falafel and shawarma wraps.

Those of you in Dubai, head to these restaurants, and experience the wonders of Lebanese cuisine and culture.

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