Lebanese Restaurant Will Be The First Fully Automated One In Canada

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A Lebanese-owned restaurant in Canada is revolutionizing the way people order and pick up meals. Box’d by Paramount Fine Foods, a global chain restaurant with over 70 locations worldwide, will be Canada’s first contactless restaurant.

Proudly Lebanese, Paramount’s proactive restaurant, Box’d, aims to help people adapt to living with COVID-19 as the world begins to slowly reopen and recover from the pandemic.

Most importantly, Box’d by Paramount has the goal of limiting physical contact in the dining experience: a preventative measure against spreading the virus.

“We understand that people may still be a little wary of public places, so we have created a dining option that is fast, efficient, and safe,” said Mohamad Fakih, the founder of Paramount Fine Foods.

Accordingly, customers will be able to select their favorite Lebanese dish beforehand and pay online through a mobile app or order using a digital kiosk in-store.

One chef will prepare the meal; there will be one chef for every order to minimize contact in the kitchen. Orders will then be taken to sanitized cubbies ready for pickup.

To enhance the experience of packaged food, a whole new menu specific for Box’d was created.

It “simplifies Middle Eastern cuisine while adding an innovative spin using new flavors and ingredient combinations” all in sustainable packaging.

According to Toronto Life, the owner and CEO Mohamad Fakih had planned to open Box’d even before the virus hit the country, and now it is needed more than ever.

Mohamad Fakih continues to stand out in Canada as an exceptional business innovator and making the news. His story from a struggling immigrant to the head of a self-built empire is really inspiring.

He was an immigrant from south Lebanon who turned a struggling restaurant in Canada into an empire that went to extend beyond the borders.

He also founded the international NGO The Fakih Foundation, among other humanitarian endeavors. He has been honored with numerous recognitions and was the first Lebanese (and immigrant) to be awarded the Key of The City of Mississauga.

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