10+ Lebanese Restaurants Serving Up Mediterranean Goodness In California

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Across California from Los Angeles to San Francisco in the United States, Lebanese are proudly showcasing their culture and heritage through traditional cuisine.

From popular restaurants with branches to modest hole-in-the-wall spots, these Lebanese eateries are serving up some delicious meals.

With Lebanese food, there’s something for everyone. While shawarma and kebabs are a fan-favorite, Lebanese restaurants are particularly popular with vegetarian and vegan customers as the Mediterranean cuisine is predominantly plant-based.

Here are some of the most notable Lebanese restaurants in California – the Golden State. Note: they are not ordered by rank.

#1 Sunnin Lebanese Cafe

This traditional Lebanese fare serves up all you can imagine that Lebanese food is from iconic street food to nostalgic homestyle recipes from the hands of Chef Em Toni.

Sunnin is ranked among the top Middle Eastern restaurants in Los Angeles and DJ Khaled is a regular.

#2 Open Sesame

Having two locations, one in Long Beach and another in Los Angeles, Open Seasame offers a sublime dining experience that takes Lebanese food to the next level.

Carousel is a touted Lebanese-Armenian family-run restaurant in Los Angeles that has been serving deliciousness since 1984.

It has two locations, one in Glendale and another on the famous Hollywood Boulevard. Carousel also boasts celebrity customers such as the Kardashians.

#4 Marouch

Open since 1982, Marouch is another widely-loved Lebanese-Armenian restaurant in Los Angeles. The highly acclaimed eatery is listed on Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants.

#5 Skaf’s Lebanese Cuisine

After running a successful casual grill in North Hollywood for over 20 years, Skaf’s set up a brand new eatery in Glendale, California. Like the grill, the corner storefront space offers Lebanese classics from kibbeh to shawarma.

#6 10e

10e dishes out elevated Armenian and Lebanese cuisine in Downtown L.A. Its menu offers a wide variety of options from grilled kebabs to vegetarian dishes as well as gluten-free plates, seafood, and chef’s specials. 

#7 FurnSaj Bakery & Restaurant

A modest saj located in the Granada Hills area, FurnSaj serves some of the best Lebanese food in L.A. from Lebanese flatbreads to loaded shawarma platters.

#8 The Lebanese Oven

Located in Ventura, CA, the Lebanese Oven is a small hole-in-the-wall business that packs a punch surprising customers with its authentic and delicious menu.

#9 Bayroot Lebanese Restaurant

Situated in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bayroot is an authentic Lebanese restaurant and hookah bar on the higher end, differentiating it from many Lebanese shacks and fast-food counter shops located across California.

#10 The Shish Grill

The Shish Grill is a family-owned restaurant and caterer that is boasted to offer the absolute best shawarma in the San Ramon area.

#11 Albi Lebanese Eatery

Having opened just last month, Albi Eatery is a Lebanese kitchen in San Francisco that home-delivers hearty Lebanese dishes that will leave people wanting more. Plus, the business model is ideal for pandemic-related reasons.

“As authentic as it gets.” – Jad Adaimi

#12 Baladie Gourmet Cafe

Baladie Gourmet Cafe is a quaint little Mediterranean stop in San Francisco, California. It is extremely popular for its many vegetarian and vegan options.

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