The Lebanese Revolution Back on Fire with These Most Notable Protests

The WhatsApp tax helped in birthing October 17th, and now the electricity outage is doing the same in firing UP the revolution. Three months since the revolution started, and the living conditions are just worsening by the day. 

And Lebanon’s electricity is heading to the worst crisis ever.  

People have been spending their nights on candle lights, and not for the romantic sake of it. They are seizing every minute of daylight revolting on the streets for the basics the state is failing to provide.

This electricity outage has caused a fiery lash out throughout the whole country. Lebanon is on fire with protests and marches that reinitiated this weekend in the following cities:

#1 Beirut

People marched their way from Daoura to Bourj Hammoud, Electricite Du Liban, Mar Mkhayel, Gemmayze, the Association of Banks, all the way to the Parliament to mark it as their final destination.

Many continued to protest outside the residence of PM Diab, and sit-ins remained till late at night, including in Martyr’s Square.

#2 Nabatieh

The people of Nabatieh joined forces to fight against the dollar rate increase and the decrease of economic, sociological, and financial support.

#3 Tripoli

After an intense uprising in Tripoli two days ago, resulting in clashes between the protestors and the army, Tripoli renewed its vows for a peaceful and nonviolent revolution. People from Akkar, and from all over the north, joined in with their voices, their chants, and their Lebanese flags at the Nour Square.

#4 Barja

Protestors broke into the electricity company in Barja because of the harsh electricity rationing in the area.

#5 Sidon

Protestors closed down roads in Sidon with burning tires and trash bins to protest against the electricity and water outages that they have been enduring for days.

#6 Bisri

Another form of protest on Saturday took place in Marj Bisri against the government’s decision to build a dam as news has recently leaked on social media that the officials are about to start with the project. 

The Bisri Dam project could be more devastating than the 7.1-magnitude that hit the same area in 1837, and activists have been trying to stop it for over a year now.

#7 Jal El Dib

The people of Jal El Dib protested against the banking system and the unfair regime and stood in solidarity with the man who was brutally attacked in Bank Audi, Jal El Dib branch, by the bank’s employees.

#8 Baalbek

Revolutionaries in Baalbek stormed into the electricity company to protest against the electricity outage that has been crippling their life, day and night.

#9 Zouk, Nahr El Kalb, Quarantina…

Revolutionaries blocked the roads in Zouk, Nahr El Kalb, Karantina, the Ring, and Tripoli, protesting against the repression in Baddawi on Friday, January 10.

 #10 Sidon and Tyre

Another form of protest was seen in the Sidon-Tyre highway with the Herak Sour initiative organizing a sarcastic “celebration” of a year since the highway was blocked by the collapse of roads and hills nearby.

The highway is still not fixed and the responsibility of the collapse is still thrown in the wind. 

#11 Nabatieh and Kafr Remmen

Nabatiyeh and Kafer Remmen civic movements joined in marching in protest on Saturday from Kafr Remmen roundabout towards the Harak Square in Nabatiyeh. The participants carried Lebanese flags, and banners denouncing electricity rationing.

The marches and protests do not intend to stop. Social media is also on fire calling for countless protests on Sunday and onward in various sites and towns. 

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