Lebanese Revolution Bus Tour North to South in Protest


As was decided the Revolution Bus took the tour from the north to the south protesting, showing once again that the revolution is alive.

The revolution bus started its journey from Akkar. Many activists joined and a convoy of cars followed.

This ride carried the same demands that have been echoing the streets of Lebanon for 30 days: The downfall of sectarianism, and calls for justice, freedom and basic human rights.

The bus traveled all the way from Akkar to Tripoli where it stopped at Nour Square to show support to the people of the revolution in the city. It then continued its journey to Naameh, Barja, the city of Sidon, Kafr Rumman, and Nabatiyeh.

Soon after, many protesters showed their displeasure of this initiative, differing in opinions whether to allow this bus to enter their cities or not.

Some claimed that it was financed by politicians, specifically affiliated with the “Lebanese Forces” party. But the most trending rumor was that it is financed by the American Government.

The bus made its way to Marty’s Square in Beirut where it was welcomed by the protesters there.

The rumors that it was financed by the American Government spread more widely, however, worsening the situation as well as the stance of certain people not to welcome it.

Those on board strongly rejected these rumors and showed pictures of the bus and said that those on the bus are residents of Akkar initially and joined by people from different cities as they stopped along the road. They were very adamant to continue their journey to reach Saida.

Even the U.S embassy tweeted jokingly about not having anything to do with this bus especially not financing it.

On their way to Saida, they stopped at Khaldeh to pay tribute to Alaa Abu Fakher and offer their condolences to the family. As it got to Saida’s entrance, the army set up roadblocks to prevent it from entering.

The army feared the tension that was building up in Saida. This was done in attempts to protect the protesters, whether with or against the bus.

After 4 hours of waiting and arguing, Saida citizens gathered at the location where the bus was stopped and escorted it to Ellia Square in their city where they were welcomed and invited to participate in a dialogue session.

It is clear that the anti-revolution propaganda found its ways to whisper false information amidst the crowd protesting to incite rumors and anger and divide the protesters.

Lebanese people don’t need anyone to give them some coins to take a collective bus ride through their cities. This was a bus and some personal cars of protesters following; not a cortege of Rolls Royces and fancy Limousines that need funding.

Needless to say that The Revolution Bus proved to be a symbol of the persistence of the Lebanese people of the revolution.

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