Lebanese Sandra Succar And Aurore Sahyoun Scored Gold Medals At The 2022 Asian-Pacific Championship


The Lebanese MMA champion Sandra Succar has shined once again in a major sporting event abroad, along with Lebanese athlete Aurore Sahyoun.

Participating at the 2022 GAMMA Asian-Pacific Championships in Pattaya, Thailand, Sandra Succar took the podium, receiving the gold medal in the A14 – 65,8 kg | – 145 LBS ELITE F.

Back in March, Succar took the World MMA Champion title at the World Martial Arts Championship, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Additionally, Lebanese Aurore Sahyoun was also able to secure Lebanon its 2nd gold medal at the 2022 Asian-Pacific Championship when she defeated Desi Rahayu from Indonesia in the 72.6kg category.

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