15+ Lebanese Sayings That Make Absolutely No Sense In English

We often say things in Lebanon without actually paying attention or thinking about their meaning.

Many Lebanese sayings not only make no sense at all but they often also sound funnier when directly translated into English.

You will eat a slap

Ra7 tekol kaf

Bury me (the common endearment!)


May your butt bury me (also an endearment!)

Yo2borne tizak

To my foot

La 2ijreh

To my butt

La tize

I don’t have eye

Ma 2ile 3en

Wrecked be your house!

Yikhroub beitak

Your blood is heavy

Dammak t2il

Be ashamed of your blood

Estehhi a3 dammak

Go tile the sea

Rou7 ballit l ba7er

Without taste (nothing to do with food)

Bala ta3me

Burn your religion

Yi7ro2 deenak

Don’t hit her in the eye

Mat seeba bil 3en

What is there, that there is not?

Shou fi ma fi?

Your spit be wrecked

Yekhrob ebzou’ak

Go sweep the desert

Rou7 kannis l sa7ra

Cracking jaw

Ta2 7anak

Elongate your patience

Tawel belak

Blindness in your heart

l3ama bi 2albak

And basically every Lebanese cussing and swear word translated in English (or any language, really), which would be too long and inappropriate to write here.

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