20 Lebanese sayings that sound hilariously weird in English

Lebanese expressions make absolutely no sense when directly translated into English!

Rou7 ballit el ba7er

Literal translation: go tile the sea.

Meaning: get lost!


El ered bi 3ein emmo ghazel

Literal translation: the monkey is a deer in his mother’s eyes.

Meaning: mothers consider their children perfect even if they’re not.


Dammak/dammik t2il

Literal translation: your blood is heavy.

Meaning: you are annoying.


Ade l wled chana2 7alo

Literal translation: the kids’ judge hung himself.

Meaning: usually said when people are trying to figure out why children are fighting. In other words, it’s hard to understand why children fight.


Ma tsib/tsibe bel 3en

Literal translation: don’t hit it in the eye.

Meaning: don’t jinx it.


Ma ta3te/ta3tiya wej

Literal translation: don’t give him/her a face.

Meaning: don’t give him/her too much attention


El 3ein basira wel id asira

Literal translation: the eye can see but the hand is short.

Meaning: sometimes we have a vision but we do not have the capacity to achieve our goal.


3ala rase

Literal translation: on my head.

Meaning: I would do anything for you.


Tanjra w le2it ghataha

Literal translation: a pot found its cover.

Meaning: said of two people who click.


Ensa l bansa

Literal translation: forget the pliers.

Meaning: forget about it.


Lsenak/lsenik tawil

Literal translation: your tongue is long.

Meaning: said of someone who gossips a lot.


3ayesh/3ayshe bel khasse

Literal translation: he/she is living in a lettuce.

Meaning: said of someone who has no idea what’s going on.


3aynak/3aynik day2a

Literal translation: your eye is tight.

Meaning: said of someone who won’t share things with other people.


Atal l atil w meshe bi jnezto

Literal translation: he/she killed the victim and walked in his/her funeral.

Meaning: said of a person who causes the damage then acts innocent.


Fi baynetna khebez w mele7

Literal translation: there’s bread and salt between us.

Meaning: said of two people that are close to each other.


Hamil/hamle el sellom bel 3ared

Literal translation: he/she is carrying the ladder horizontally.

Meaning: he/she is complicating thing.


Fet/fetit bel het

Literal translation: he/she hit the wall.

Meaning: said of someone who is in serious trouble.


Baselto/Baselta ma7rou2a

Literal translation: his/her onion is burnt.

Meaning: he/she is impatient.


Men temmak/temmik la beb el sama

Literal translation: from your mouth to the sky’s door.

Meaning: I hope your wish will come true.


El tekrar bi 3allim l hmar

Literal translation: repetition teaches a donkey.

Meaning: practice makes perfect.