Lebanese scientist received the Curie Award in France

Lebanese expats never fail to make us proud! A Lebanese scientist named Maud Kamal recently received the “Prix Curie” (Curie Award) in France. Kamal well-deserved this award since she is a dedicated individual in her field. Kamal was born in Lebanon and received a Bachelor’s degree in biology from the American University of Beirut (AUB). Later, she completed her Master’s studies in Canada and finally moved to France in 2003 where she received her Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology. She is currently working at “Institut Curie” which is a medical and a research center in France that is specialized in treating cancer. Kamal is a scientific manager who is in charge of coordinating medical projects and writing report and articles. According to


, Kamal is fascinated by Marie Curie who is a world-renowned physicist that started research on radioactivity. The Lebanese scientist admires Curie because she revolutionized medicine and is the only woman who received two Nobel Prizes in different fields. Lebanon is proud of Maud Kamal!

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