Lebanese Security Forces Captured A Lebanese Man Allegedly Spying On A Palestinian Man For Israel

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Lebanese Security Forces arrested a Lebanese man suspected of allegedly spying for Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, by photographing and gathering information about a Palestinian national who resides in the country.

According to Al-Akhbar, the suspect is a 46-year-old man identified by his initials as F. H., who had been contacted by Mossad two years ago and received $1,000 for his work.

F.H. claims that his recruitment came about when he was applying for jobs through social media and received a WhatsApp message about a job opportunity in which he had to obtain a separate computer and mobile phone.

Initially, the suspect declined a job to find out the flight numbers of certain passengers. But he was then contacted again by the Israeli agency to purchase a new SIM card and received a $1,000 deposit.

F.H. was also asked to photograph and gather information about a Palestinian citizen, as well as take pictures of a commercial district in Sidon and send them via Telegram.

Notably, F.H. claims the person who was contacting him did not disclose any personal information.

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