Lebanese ISF Sergeant Achieved The Most Difficult Climbing Competition For The First Time In Lebanon


For the first time in Lebanon, someone has achieved the ‘Everesting’ challenge, becoming one of the pioneers of the competition in the world.

The Everesting challenge is self-proclaimed the “most difficult climbing competition in the world,” in which participants, also called Everesters, have to ascend the height of Mt. Everest.

This is done by climbing any hill/mountain in their own country and repeating it until they reach 8,848m in calculated elevation.


Lebanon’s first Everester, George Iskandar, who is also a sergeant in the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, put Lebanon on the virtual map as places where the competition was achieved.

He biked 357 kilometers in 21 hours in Lebanon’s El Metn region, reaching an elevation of 9493m (surpassing the height of Mt. Everest), landing his name in Everesting’s Hall of Fame.

According to ISF, Iskandar has many awards from participating in previous competitions such as the 2019 Chabrouh Triathlon where he won first place (with the ISF team), in the Independence Race 2017 (also first place), and in the Lebanon Cycling Championship in 2017.