Lebanese Series “Al-Kateb” Is Now Streaming on Netflix Worldwide

For the first time ever, Netflix grabs our regional momentum of the Ramadan season to broadcast special Middle-Eastern series.

For us, in Lebanon, this is the season of special new series, probably the most exciting and hooking, as families and friends gather in front of their screens after their traditional dinners. 

Among our top Lebanese new TV series of the season, Netflix has taken “Al-Kateb” to broadcast it to the world. 

Streaming as of May 6th, under the English title The Writer, Al-Kateb series was produced by the Lebanese company Eagles Films. 

In addition to its current first screening on LBCI and other networks, Al-Kateb is the first Middle-Eastern series to be bought by Netflix at a very high price for its premiere in Ramadan 2019.

CEO and Producer of Eagle Films Jamal Sannan held a press conference in the presence of the main stars of the series, the Lebanese actress Daniella Rahme and the Syrian actor Bassel Khayat, along with the series’ scriptwriter Rima Hanna and its director Rami Hanna.

In his words, Jamal Sannan considered Al-Kateb a distinguished work that includes all the elements of success and strength. He praised the pen of the writer Reem Hanna and actor Bassel Khayyat whom he described as the “Monster of the Arab screen.”

Sannan also pointed out that AlKateb will be available in 190 countries around the world, translated into a number of languages, once Netflix starts broadcasting it. We remind here our readers that the movie on Netflix is titled The Writer.

Al-Kateb series, listed as “The Writer” on Netflix, tells the story of a best-selling crime novelist whose real life begins to eerily imitating the plot of his own books.

The thrilling drama features stars Daniella Rahme, Bassel Khayyat, and Lebanese actress Nada Abou Farhat. The storyline is a masterpiece written by scriptwriter Rym Hanna, and the series was directed by her brother Rami Hanna.

The Writer on Netflix has started broadcasting on May 6th along with 3 major Arab series from the region; all which the streaming-giant of the world has exclusively selected.

Netflix announced that it will stream these series on its online platform daily during the month of Ramadan.

It is a move considered the first of its kind, aiming at attracting more Middle-Eastern viewers, hence increasing significantly the number of its members from our region, and the Arab-speaking viewers around the world.

On Sunday, May 5th, 2019, Netflix tweeted from its official Twitter account, announcing its offer for the four selected series of the region. Including The Writer, it named the series I Have Text, What If? and Incubation of Forks.

The selection of Al-Kateb by Netflix came as a result of last year’s success on Netflix of the Tango series, a suspenseful romance produced also by Eagle Films and featuring Daniella Rahme and Bassel Khayyat.

The Tango series was, however, picked up to stream on Netflix after it was broadcasted on television in Lebanon.

Since Al-Kateb series is streaming on our televisions a daily episode at a time, Netflix committed to doing the same. As of today, May 7th, two episodes are already up and running on the platform of the streaming-giant.

We have no doubt that Al-Kateb will be a hit on Netflix with its dramatic suspense, detective work, storyline development, great production, and outstanding performance.

To the crew and stars of the Eagle Films: Two Thumbs-Up!

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