10 Lebanese Series You Should Be Watching Right Now

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Admit it, you’re bored. Well, aren’t we all? The good news, however, is that we can turn this situation around. Quarantine time doesn’t need to be sad and boring. There are many activities you can do while at home, and the most entertaining of all is watching series.

Now, I’m not talking Game of Thrones or Friends, even though these shows are great. I’m talking Lebanese series: old, new, and entertaining. If you enjoy watching Lebanese series, these are a must to add to your watch-list. If you’re not used to watching Lebanese series, these are the perfect shows for you to begin with:

#1 Dollar

Dollar is a Lebanese series starring Algerian-Lebanese actress Amal Bachouchah and Lebanon’s favorite comedian Adel Karam. This show was released on Netflix in 2019. Watch these stars in their pursuit of one specific dollar bill; Why is this dollar bill special? Well, you’ll have to watch the series to find out!

This series is 15 episodes long and is subtitled in 20 languages. It is produced by Cedars Art Production – Sabbah Brothers, directed by Samer Al Barkawi and written by Hisham Hilal.

#2 Tango

Tango, 2018, is a story of love, betrayal, mafia, and mystery that is available on Netflix and Shahid. Starring Dana Mardini, Bassel Khayat, Bassem Moughniyeh, and Daniella Rahmeh, this series’ cinematography, acting, and story-line aren’t something we’re used to when it comes to Lebanese and Arab shows.

This Lebanese-Syrian series is directed by the amazing Ramy Hanna and written by Iyad Abu Shamat. Wait till you hear the amazing theme song composed by Fadi Mardini!

#3 Beirut, I Love You

This series (2011-2012) captures the average Lebanese dilemmas. It is about several 20-somethings young Lebanese living in Beirut and attempting to balance between their love-life and careers. The series stars Mounia Akl and Cyril Aris, who also developed the show.

It is 46 episodes long and was produced by Orange Dog Productions. You can find this show online on the LBCI website/application.

#4 Shaher Aasal (Honey Moon)

This is a short but beautifully directed series that you can find on YouTube. Every one of the 7 episodes is like watching a movie. It is a part of the Hadoutet Hobb Lebanese-Syrian series that discusses a set of stories, each in a series of episodes.

Shaher Asal (2018) is written by the talented Claudia Marshelnian and directed by Philippe Asmar, a duo who contributed a lot to television and cinema in Lebanon. It stars Aimée Sayah, Tony Issa, Joseph Bou Nassar, and other great Lebanese artists.

#5 Al Shahrourah

Get to know our favorite Lebanese singer of all time: Sabah, also known as Al Shahrourah. This biography stars singer Carol Samaha, who takes the role of Sabah, as well as a number of other artists like Ahmad Salameh, Hanan Souleiman, Ammar Shalak, Nadine Njeim, Darine Hmazeh, etc.

This series (2011) is 30 episodes long. It’s written by Fidaa El-Shandouili and directed by Ahmad Shafik. Since this is an old show, you can find it pretty much anywhere online.

#6 Anything featuring Ibrahim Meraachli

There’s literally nothing in life that is better than old, classical Lebanese shows. Ibrahim Meraachli was the king of comedy in the Lebanese oldies: Al Mualima Wal Ustaz, Secretairit Baba, Captain Bob, etc.

You can’t go wrong watching any of these shows to entertain yourself during the lockdown. They are funny, refreshing, creative, and nostalgic, and you can find them all online on YouTube!

#7 Awake (وعيت)

This isn’t your average Lebanese series, this is next level. Modern, creative, and very artistically done, this show will definitely have you on a hook. Awake stars Flavia Bechara, Tarek Yaakoub, Mohammed Akil, Raimonde Azar, and Lebanon’s sweetheart Stephanie Atallah.

Created by Nadia Tabbara and directed by Mazen Fayyad, you can now catch this series on Shahid.

#8 Min Ahla Byout Ras Beirut

This was every Lebanese’s favorite show as a kid, and this is a fact. The best thing about this series is that it never gets old, you can watch it today or 20 years from now and you’ll still enjoy it.

You can find this series on YouTube. It was released in 2001 and it consists of 60 fabulous episodes. It was directed by Milad Abo Raad, created by Marwan Najjar, and starred Randa Kaady, Samer Abou Rizk, Ayda Sabra, etc.

#9 The Writer (Al Kateb)

The Writer is created by the same team that made up Tango, so both shows are equally as good. And just like Tango, Al Kateb (2019) made it to Netflix! It’s a show about crime and murder, so it’s special among Lebanese and Arab shows. It stars Bassel Khayat, Nada Abou Farhat, Daniella Rahme, Gabriel Yammine, and Elie Choufani.

Again, like Tango, The Writer was directed by Rami Hanna.

#10 Beirut City

A romantic-comedy directed by Serge Oryan following the lives of four different Lebanese women who live and love in the exotic city of Beirut. Beirut City (2018-2019) stars Lea Bou Chaaya, Sacha Dahdouh, Daniella Rahme, and Cynthia Samuel. You can find this series on Shahid.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start binge-watching these amazing series that will restore your faith in the Lebanese creative minds.

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