Lebanese Shawarma Just Ranked 3rd Best Sandwich In The World

Lebanese Shawarma
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Lebanese cuisine holds a special place in the hearts and plates of Lebanese food enthusiasts worldwide. Among its culinary delights, the shawarma sandwich shines as a beloved favorite among Lebanese and global diners alike.

Today, the Lebanese shawarma sandwich has garnered international acclaim, claiming the third spot in TasteAtlas’s rankings, trailing only behind the Vietnamese “Banh Mi” and the Turkish “Tombik Doner”.

It has surpassed iconic sandwiches like the Mexican “Tortas” and the American “Lobster Roll”.

In 2017, Beirut was ranked the best international city in the world for food.

It’s worth noting that Lebanese shawarma sandwiches have a history of winning international accolades.

Back in 2015, Joseph’s restaurant won the top spot for “Best Shawarma Sandwich in the World.” They beat out 4,000 other nominees from 150 cities. Joseph’s got this honor because they’ve been making amazing shawarma for over 20 years.

Furthermore, in June 2022, Lebanese cuisine achieved a notable position, ranking 41st in the world according to TasteAtlas.

The ranking for each country is derived by averaging the ratings provided by users for the top 30 dishes, beverages, and food products that are representative of that country’s culinary heritage.

TasteAtlas is a travel-food guide that showcases traditional food and beverages from across the world and provides food reviews and the history of ingredients and dishes.

Just envision this: tender chicken or beef strips, soaked in a mix of spices, and left to marinate for hours. Each juicy bite bursts with flavor, wrapped in a delicate shell.

It’s not just food—it’s an exciting taste experience that invites you to enjoy every mouthful and grab a sandwich.

Last year, 3 Lebanese restaurants were ranked among the best in the entire MENA.

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