A Lebanese Ship Stranded In Ukraine Port Is Calling For A Safe Corridor

Gengiz Tokgoz

Sailors of a Lebanese ship stuck at Nikolaev seaport in Ukraine have urged the Lebanese authorities to contact Russian and Ukrainian officials to secure a safe maritime passageway to allow them to leave.

On February 23, the Lebanese ship New Challenge was getting ready to sail back to Lebanon after finishing unloading its cargo in Ukraine, before the hostilities began on February 24.

The crew includes 2 Lebanese, 8 Egyptians, and 13 Palestinians. The sailors are also reporting that they are running out of food and water.

The Lebanese ship is among many others that have been caught off guard by the hostilities and are stuck at the port in Ukraine.

India has been working to rescue its sailors also stranded at the Mykolaiv port in Ukraine. On Monday, an evacuation mission managed to rescue 57 sailors by buses, among them two Lebanese and three Syrian nationals.

The sailors were taken out of the port in buses and traveled to the Moldova border. Later, the Indian Embassy announced that “they have crossed the Moldova border and are on their way to Bucharest.”