The Lebanese Company That’s Dominating the Sneaker Bot Industry

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Huge companies like Nike, Adidas, Jordan Brand, and more are leading the soon-to-be $6 billion sneaker industry.

Everyone can recognize the sneaker brands and their celebrity collaborations with Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, Pharrell Williams, Beyonce, Selena Gomez, David Beckham, Serena Williams, and more.

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While the industry of sneaker bots is relatively new, sneaker culture has been around for a good time.

Ever since the emergence of famed basketball player Michael Jordan aka, the Jumpman, the love for sneaker collecting arose. Even non-‘sneakerheads’ know of the hype surrounding Nike’s Jordans.

And the culture even extends beyond basketball shoes. It encompasses other sports like skateboarding, for instance, which has its own skate culture. The brand Supreme may ring a bell.

Sneakerheads exist under the ‘hypebeast’ umbrella; in a way that you can’t exactly be one without the other.

While there is an ongoing tension between OG’s and Hypebeasts, today you’ll find that every hypebeast is probably a sneakerhead and vice versa.

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Back in the day, people used to stand in long lines outside of footwear stores. They’d camp for days outside of storefronts to be of the first people to own their personal pair.

With advancements in technology, sneaker releases have begun taking place online. That’s where sneaker bots come in.

In today’s day and age, there’s almost no way to buy exclusive sneakers online without using sneaker bots or some kind of tools to give you an advantage.

It may come as a surprise to many that one of the top-selling and most successful sneaker bots in this booming industry is actually Lebanese-made. It’s called AIO Bot.

AIO Bot was created by a software company located in Tripoli, Lebanon called AIY. With 40+ employees, the company does everything in-house from development to marketing, to customer support.

“We have thousands of users from all over the world but the biggest % is US-based,” says Alex Kabbara, Vice President of AIY, owners of AIO Bot.

“Some of them have built collections worth hundreds of thousands of dollars stacked and organized so nicely in their homes,” he said.

“Others have started their own sneaker reselling businesses, cashing in thousands of dollars every month selling limited-edition Air Jordans or Yeezys.”

He’s not exaggerating. The reselling price of some limited sneakers could go up to thousands of dollars on the resale market.

For example, one of the most expensive sneakers sold was from a collab between Jordan Brand and DJ Khaled in 2017. The pair quickly sold out and went for $20,000 on Stadium Goods.

AIO Bot allows users to buy Jordans, Yeezys, and Supreme at retail prices so that they don’t have to pay the resale price. Instead, the sneaker bot allows them to buy more than one pair they could resell the pair for and make hundreds of dollars from the comfort of their own home.

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