8 Lebanese Initiatives Inspired By The Economic Crisis

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Lebanese people are famous for adapting to every situation. We make humor out of our misery, laugh off our sorrows, shrug, and move forward.

But since the October 17 Revolution, we’ve been learning to stand for our rights. Now, some people have taken steps forward to create solutions to everyday problems imposed by the economic situation.

#1 Social Grocery

Social Grocery is a non-profit store aiming to supply Tripoli’s needy with essential foods and products at discounted prices. They hope to expand and supply others outside the northern capital as well.

#2 Zarri3et Albi

The Zarri3et Albi campaign promotes home gardening and is working with other agricultural initiatives in order to facilitate planting for citizens.

Their slogan is “Your economy is suffering, so you don’t have another option,” which is blunt but true.

#3 Farmville

Branched from the Cezar Project in the Barouk Village, this initiative aims to provide the locals with high-quality crops and produce at a lower cost than the market price.

They are preparing a detailed document of the steps they followed, in order to share it with other Lebanese villages and help make all the villages self-sufficient.

#4 Meghterbin Mejtem3in

Realizing that they alone can help their families back home, the Lebanese diaspora organized a platform named “Meghterbin Mejtemiin” that translates to “the diaspora coming together.”

They focus on several aspects, including environmental, social, and of course economical. They also funded the Baytna Baytak campaign, which gave doctors shelters to sleep in while being away from their families in order to prevent any accidental transmission of coronavirus.

#5 From The Villages

From The Villages is an e-commerce website that supports local farmers by promoting their products and selling in Lebanese Lira. This is needed more than ever, especially due to the current dollar exchange rates.

#6 Wehed

Since it is known that Tripoli’s poverty rates are exceedingly high, Wehed aims to help the people of this city.

Wehed, which means “one” in the old Tripolian accent, is a fundraising initiative. They stress the fact that just one dollar, euro, dirham, etc, could make a big difference in Lebanon, especially at the current exchange rates.

#7 Menteshrin

The word Minteshreen means scattered or spread all over, and this refers to the Lebanese Diaspora all over the globe.

This is a platform where people can make donations to be distributed in rations to Lebanon’s needy. The social media page keeps a track of the work they accomplish, being completely transparent with their donators.

#8 Habaq

Habaq, meaning basil, promotes farming and works on seed distribution. They aim to create a network between farmers, which allows them to exchange crops and other agri-foods.

This in turn will create solidarity through Lebanon, and Lebanon may just achieve autonomous agriculture to finally free farmers from the dependence on external trade.

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