This is How Lebanese Are Socializing These Days While Social-Distancing

Albawaba | Joseph Eid

There is something about the Lebanese in particular that makes us kind of a restless species. The only time we can stay still is when sleeping (and even then we’ll be tossing in bed).

In brief, we just can’t be forced to stay away from people. We have to socialize. And if lockdown and social-distancing are a must, we still find a way, whatever it takes. Here are some we caught online:

#1 Lebanese sobhiyet go on… with a twist

#2 Even if we have to use our feet to greet

#3 Lockdown doesn’t mean Lebanese partying is off

#4 Some get creative not to miss their tawla board game

#5 Checking on our neighbors continues, only just a little louder than usual

#6 Socio-cultural habits prevail… with a modern touch

#7 Socializing from an online platform to another

#8 Face-timing daily… even if with no one in particular

#9 Calling everyone we know

#10 Even if no one’s left to call for the day

#11 Best-Friend’s Birthday is not skipped

#12 Birthdays are celebrated online with the fans

#13 Socializing by visualization is an option for some

#14 And by singing it all to all

#15 And there are the musicians who socialize for a beautiful purpose:

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