Wounded Lebanese Soldier And His Girlfriend Got Engaged In The Hospital!

The Lebanese Army is currently fighting against ISIS in northern Lebanon. A week ago,

the Army launched a new operation called “Fajr Al Jurud”

which aims at gaining complete control in this area once and for all. In fact, the operation is taking place near Ras Baalbeck. Unfortunately, Lebanon has lost many soldiers during this battle, and many others got wounded. One of the wounded soldiers, named Sebouh Giragossian, was recovering in the hospital when his captain in the Army surprised him! The captain gifted the Lebanese soldier and his girlfriend two engagement rings! The couple got engaged in the hospital right away! The Lebanese Army is working hard to keep our land safe. It is advancing fast in the battle against ISIS and government officials are saying that Lebanon’s victory is near. Meanwhile, let’s pray for the Lebanese soldiers who are risking their lives for Lebanon. God bless the Army!


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