Lebanese Sprinter Breaks the 100-Meter’s Record in Qatar

It feels so good to hear regularly about our Lebanese fellows achieving in so many fields. These different local and international accomplishments are part of what makes us always proud of our country and its people.


Lately, it is our Lebanese sprinter Aziza Sbaity who scored a striking achievement. She broke the national 100-meter record at the 23rd Asian Athletics Championships in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Via Aziza Sbaity

A track and field record holder, Aziza crossed the finish line during the women’s 100-meter semifinal with a time of 11.73 seconds, breaking both her personal and the Lebanese records.

Back in 2018, she broke the Lebanese 100m record by 0.09 seconds, recording a time of 11.75 seconds in Amman, the capital of Jordan.


The 27-year old athlete expressed her appreciation and gratitude after the race through a tweet and some photos, saying, “How it feels to reap what you sow. Grateful to break the Lebanese 100m national record yet again.”

Born on 17 November 1991, Aziza Sbaity started her career in track and field in her final year of school.


Via Annahar

Once she first started training, Sbaity won the Lebanese championship. She was then chosen to represent the national team in the Francophone games of 2009 that took place in Lebanon.

A year after, Sbaity went on competing in different international competitions in various countries. At the Junior Arab Championship, she was the only athlete selected to represent her country. She was ranked the second.


Later on, she made it to the World Junior Championship in Canada, where she was also the only one representing Lebanon.

In an interview with Annahar, she said, “I also travel around six times a year. In Egypt, I got second Place in the junior Arab Championship, and at the World Junior championship in Canada, I was the only one to represent Lebanon.”

Via Aziza Sbeity


Aiming high, Sbaity has set her future goal to participate in the Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo. Her ultimate aim is to make Lebanon proud .”I want to do something for the entire country, and spread this culture across the world,” she told Annahar in 2018.