20 Hilarious Lebanese Stand-Up Comedians That Will Make You Literally LOL

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No matter what happened and is still happening in Lebanon, Lebanese people never lose their strong sense of humor. It has been said that it is their best survival characteristic as they cope with continuous crises and hardships, a Lebanese legacy of survival.

It is a fact, their adversities and even their frustrations at injustice become a source of jokes and hilarious sarcasm. After all, laughter is therapeutic, and Lebanese do use it plenty even when the circumstances are more angering than laughable.

In recent years, more and more Lebanese stand-up comedians are taking to the entertainment stage, doing what they do best: Cheering up people by making them laugh out loud.

Here are some notable ones that are standing out in the Lebanese scene.

Shaker Bou Abdallah

Shaker Bou Abdallah uses two opposites in his shows: seriousness and comedy to reflect on his life and Lebanon.

Habib Siam

Lebanese-Canadian Habib Siam is one of the most hilarious comedians. Other than being a comedian, he is a Ph.D. holder. In his comedy shows, he talks about Lebanon and about being Lebanese in Canada.

Wissam Kamal

Wissam Kamal is a stand-up comedian, filmmaker, and content developer. He uses his sense of humor to talk about his experience dating a Christian girl (while he is Muslim) and talks about being in Lebanon and the problems that come with it.

Karl Dagher

Karl Dagher uses the problems of Lebanon like immigration and criticizes the Lebanese authorities with humor.

Elie Maalouf

Elie Maalouf condemns the Lebanese issues and “way of living” using comedy.

John Achkar

John Achkar reflects in his comedy about his traumatic experiences with marriage and divorce, his Christian background, and his airport experiences.


Shaden is probably the most outspoken and bold comedian and activist that has particularly stood out since the onset of the Lebanese Revolution.

Breaking social taboos around sexuality, her activism reflects in her hilarious sketches of being a female and a member of the LGBTQ community in Lebanon. She has been also fearless in her regular derisions of politicians and political events on social media, where her sarcasm is never void of common sense.

Nour Hajjar

Nour Hajjar “believes” that aliens will come to Lebanon and how their experience will be in Lebanon. He also tries to describe his life living coming from the Sunni background and criticizes the Lebanese politicians in hilarious stand-ups.

Imad Kehdy

Imad Kehdy takes his spectators on a humoristic path, describing the consequences of the economic crisis and the absurd reactions to vaccination reality in Lebanon.


Georges Daccache and Georges Mahfouz, a duo known as GStrings, use song parodies and comedy to describe the ongoing problems, from the health crisis to the economic one.

Mario Moubarak

Mario Moubarak is a banker and a comedian who hilariously shares his daily struggles with difficult customers in Lebanese banks due to the economic situation.

Nicolas Tawk

Photographer and stand-up comedian Nicolas Tawk describes in hilarious ways the problems of dealing with Lebanese kids and their parents along with his experience with catching the coronavirus and his parent’s reaction to it.

Mazen Abdallah

Mazen Abdallah, who is also a teacher by profession, uses comedy to talk about the multi-cultural aspect of Lebanon and uses history and the current political crisis in Lebanon in his comedy.

Firas Shamieh

Firas Shamieh pours his sense of humor into describing the Lebanese political problems and the Lebanese “nonsense” instances that make up the Lebanese experience.

Mario Bassil

Mario Bassil is one of the most hilarious Lebanese stand-up comedians. He is known for his outrageous humor by using Marioca, a fierce imaginary character to make people laugh.

He is also well-known for being outspoken and he isn’t ashamed to say anything and this is why he is loved and appreciated as a comedian.


Lebanese-American stand-up comedian Nemr Abou Nassar performs globally and his sketches express the Arab and more specifically the Lebanese lifestyle along with being Lebanese in America and his childhood growing up with Lebanese parents.

Other than being a comedian, Nemr is also a passionate activist for the Lebanese cause and has on many occasions spoken up in support of Lebanon.

Hussein Kaouk

Hussein Kaouk reflects on his Shiite background in comedic sketches that will surely make you laugh. He describes the problems that all the Lebanese people face and he is well-known for criticizing a certain political party and its supporters in hilarious ways.

Shady Maroun and Gaby Hoayek

Shady Maroun and Gaby Hoayek are a very hilarious duo. They are known for imitating Lebanese politicians using humor to criticize them.

Although they are no longer a duo, they still make us laugh.

Tatiana Merheb

Tatiana Merheb is an actress and comedian. She uses seduction and comedy to convey the problems facing Lebanese women in Lebanon.

Fady Reaidy

Fady Reidy is one of the most prominent stand-up comedians in Lebanon with 3 comedy movies in his records, including After Shave and Melodrama Habibi.

He is famous for his humoristic sketches and sense of humor reflecting on the Lebanese lifestyles and the problems the Lebanese people go through every day.

He has been making the Lebanese people laugh for years.

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