Meet The Lebanese ‘Strolling Tarzan’ Promoting Lebanon On Tiktok


A Lebanese who goes by the name of The Strolling Tarzan on social media (@thestrollingtarzan) has taken it upon himself to promote Lebanon in its finest image to his 280k+ fans on TikTok and 150k+ followers on Instagram.

He goes around Lebanese rivers, beaches, mountains, valleys, and tourist sites, bringing the most stunning scenes out.

With the enthusiasm and excitement present in each of his Tiktoks and Instagram posts, the Lebanese Strolling Tarzan is creating a beautiful exhibit and guide for Lebanese locations that are often neglected despite their magnificence.

Take a look!


بدي اقنع العالم كلو انولبنان اجمل بلد 🇱🇧❤️🇱🇧#thestrollingtarzan #لبنان #hydalebnen

♬ Hyda lebnen – Tarzan

The Lebanese Strolling Tarzan introduced himself on his Instagram page as: “Just a guy who stopped dreaming about his bucket list and started living it.”

And it appears he has been doing exactly that, in his own country, living the amazing beauty of Lebanon.

He showcases the best waterfalls and the most mesmerizing of them all.

In the following Tiktok, he “strolled” a 700-year-old site in Tripoli, showcasing its wonders.


طرابلس غير ما انتوا كنتوا موقعين! ❤️🇱🇧#لبنان #طرزان #thestrollingtarzan #lebanon

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

Jezzine is yet another site for waterfalls he hasn’t missed…


حلو لبنان🇱🇧❤️! لبدو يجربها لح حط الرقم ب أول تعليق🥰👇🏻#thestrollingtarzan #lebanon #لبنان #طرزان #hydalebnen

♬ Hyda lebnen – Tarzan

The Lebanese Strolling Tarzan is such an inspiration with his passion for his country and his vibrant enthusiasm for living his “dreams” and showcasing them and his homeland.

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