Here’s What You Should Know About The University Student Elections In Lebanon

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Taking into account the political and economic crisis that Lebanon is suffering from, the majority of the Lebanese people have put their hope into the hands of the Lebanese Youths.

Student elections that happen annually in universities serve as a beacon of hope that change will happen and that the upcoming generation is striving toward a better Lebanon.

While university elections have already started in some universities such as the Lebanese American University, student elections season is still on and things are just getting started.

And as the big day grows nearer, there are several events and dates to keep in mind leading up to Election Day.

@nicfrakesjourno | “Students with Saint Joseph University’s independent party @taleb.isp celebrate after independent candidates swept their student council elections. (December 3)”

The most important for students at this stage is to check their voting eligibility to ensure that their voting information is correct and that they can practice their right to vote.

However, in order for the students to know who they are voting for, it is essential to get to know the candidates that are running up for elections.

Several events, debates, and discussions will be conducted throughout the election period so that candidates and clubs will get the opportunity to present their views and their electoral campaigns.

Most clubs will be posting their lists of candidates on social media and on their respective platforms regarding campus and student life. Thus, even if the students are not able to attend the electoral events, they still have the opportunity to form an objective opinion.

Asking around is also a helpful tool to get informed about what the previously elected clubs and participants have achieved over the years.

However, it is crucial that voting students assess their sources so that they guarantee that the information they’re obtaining is factual. The election races tend to get competitive and heated during these periods, thus each student needs to be cautious of rumors and biases that tend to circulate.

Another matter voting students must keep in mind is to stay safe during the big day and not fall for peer pressure or pressure from candidates that might sway their opinion.

It is vital for Lebanese students in universities to participate in the elections for multiple reasons. The most important is that the youths make up a significant percentage of the population. Their opinions in what they seek to achieve for their country matter and are reflected in the results of the elections on campus.