Lebanese Student Manages To Solve A 50-Year Mathematical Dilemma

Ayman H. El-Zein

Lebanese Ph.D. student Ayman Hassan El-Zein was able to solve a famous problem in mathematics introduced by the mathematician Rosenfeld in 1971 and presented as a mathematical conjecture in 1972.

That mathematical dilemma known as the Rosenfeld Conjecture has occupied world mathematicians ever since.

A conjecture in mathematics is everything in mathematics that researchers have been unable to prove, confirm its validity, or negate. The Rosenfeld Conjecture is one of them.

According to the Lebanese University (LU), “the last to make progress in trying to solve it was the French mathematician Havet in 2000, and [he] left a complex article about it.”

In fact, Havet worked along with mathematician Thomassé, proving the conjecture yet with 3 exceptions.

Ayman Al-Zein worked on these readings for over a year under the supervision of Professor Amin Al-Sahili and began discovering the errors.

He followed it with six months of research, after which he was able to completely solve the problem without exceptions.

PhD Student Ayman El-Zein

He submitted his solution in a 78-page article “to one of the most important international scientific journals for publication,” Lebanese University (LU) said in its statement.

Responding to some criticism, El-Zein said in a tweet, “For everyone who doubts the value of the problem, he can read the introduction to the search that mentions all the significant names that worked on the topic but couldn’t reach a conclusion.”

In his tweet, the Ph.D. student also stated that “the study is submitted to the most prestigious journal in Graph Theory, awaiting publication, which may take more than a year.”

In 2018, El-Zein ranked first in Lebanon in a competition organized by the Lebanese American University (LAU) for undergraduate students majoring in Mathematics.

Back in March 2021, the Lebanese Charbel Bou Hanna was also able to solve the same Rosenfeld’s Conjecture problem under the guidance of Professor Al-Sahili and Doctor
Maydoun Mortada.

Bou Hanna was directed to solve the problem in a simple, short, and novel way, without any exceptions.

“In 2000, Havet and Thomassé proved this conjecture for any tournament with exactly 3 exceptions. We give a simplified proof of this fact,” Bou Hanna stated in his work submission of November 2020, “Paths in tournaments a simple proof of Rosenfeld’s Conjecture.”

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Lebanese Student Manages To Solve A 50-Year Mathematical Dilemma

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