Lebanese Students Are Protesting In Support Of Iranian Women & Students

Naji Abi Nader- USJ

Lebanese students are protesting today in solidarity with Iranian women and students as well as women in Afghanistan.

Students are protesting in front of Université Saint Joseph’s Huvelin campus since noon.

For over a month, Iranians took to the streets across 150 cities for what initially started as a protest against the murder of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini who was in police custody after being arrested for not “properly” wearing the hijab. It has since developed into a full revolution against the theocracy of the Iranian regime.

According to Amnesty International, over 144 Iranians, at least 23 of whom are children, have been killed since the start of the revolution. Although local activists say the number is much higher. There are many reports of sexual abuse, kidnapping, rape, and murder by Iranian authorities.

Last week, authorities surrounded and raided the Tehran Institute of Technology cracking down on students protesting.

Many activists, singers, athletes, and other notable figures in Iran have since been arrested for speaking out. Their whereabouts are still unknown.

It is believed they are being held in Evin prison in the capital, a notorious prison is known for housing and torturing critics for decades. In the last 2 days, a fire was seen erupting from the prison and clashes were reported from within. According to AP News, 8 detainees were killed and at least 61 injured.

This comes amid Lebanon’s own economic and political crisis. Hezbollah, a political and military organization backed by the Iranian regime, has a sizeable hand in Lebanese affairs. Hezbollah called the Iranian revolution “a foreign plot” – a common narrative used by the Iranian regime and Hezbollah against critics and opposition.

“We also want to bring light to what is happening in Lebanon and its students as well,” an organizer told 961News.

“Our message is mostly about our right to express ourselves, to protest, and have access to our right to education,” the organizer said.