Lebanese School Students Shined At Europe Day’s General Knowledge Contest


On Monday, students from 8 schools (4 public and 4 private) across Lebanon participated in a contest that celebrates Europe Day.

The year 2022 marks the European Year of the Youth (#EYY2022), to shine the light on the importance of the youth to build a more inclusive and better future in peace and unity.

The General Knowledge contest took place took place at the Pierre Abou Khater Amphitheatre in Beirut. It covered 6 topics, namely geography, art, history, literature, culture, and sport.

The competition was attended by the European Union Ambassador to Lebanon, Ralph Tarraf, and the Director-General of the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Imad al-Ashqar. saw

Throughout the contest, in which 34 students participated, finalists from each group advanced to the second round. It concluded with the student Syma Jadayel, from the International School in Koura, recording the highest score. She was declared the winner of the competition.

According to a statement by the Executive Bulletin, “Europe Day is celebrated every year on May 9th to celebrate peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the historic Schuman Declaration that bred the first-of-a-kind form of political cooperation among European states.”

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