Lebanese University Students Are Now Facing Crisis After Fleeing Ukraine

Al Arabiya | FRONTERA

Lebanese university students are now struggling to pursue their education in Lebanon amid the worsening economic crisis.

According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), the university students who fled Ukraine from the Russian invasion are now seeing career prospects vanish before their eyes.

The students are now struggling to get the necessities to continue their education, including electricity, which has become more scarce, not to mention the skyrocketing costs of living.

As stated by AFP, around 1,000 students managed to escape Ukraine last March to enroll in more affordable universities, however, about 340 of them registered with the Lebanese education ministry to continue their studies.

Many have now to wait for the next academic year to register in the state-run Lebanese University (LU) while, according to Lebanon’s education minister Abbas Halabi, no one registered to continue their education in private institutions.

University students in Lebanon are currently facing an ongoing uncertainty about their future.

According to a recent study by the Arab Barometer, “Lebanon is also at risk for brain drain, with 61% of those with a college education wanting to emigrate compared with 37% of those with a secondary degree or less.”

Additionally, about half of Lebanese citizens (48%) are now seeking to leave their homeland for better opportunities abroad, and about 63% of the youth (between 18 and 29) want to leave due to a “lack of hope.”

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