Lebanese Students Developed An Innovative Chemical Recycling Method To Reduce Plastic Waste


Chemical Engineering students Joelle Kazan, Charles Der Boghossian, and Christy Abou Saab, along with Assistant Professor Dr. Elias Feghali at Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) have developed a new innovative chemical recycling method to reduce plastic waste.

In collaborations with the AUF, University of Ottawa, Aix-Marseille University, and VITO, the four Lebanese students have led efforts to the development of recycling methods to decompose waste polymers into functional materials.

NDU stated that the use of polymer materials causes millions of tons of plastic waste yearly, adding, that over the years, researchers have been working to convert waste plastics into valuable resources.

“Nevertheless, most plastic recycling methods still rely on mechanical processes that are limited to relatively pure polymers,” the university’s press added.

Last month, researchers from NDU developed a plant-based alternative to the Lebanese Labneh. Using peas, lupin, and beans, the researchers initiated this project in response to Lebanon’s expanding vegan food market.