Lebanese Students Want UNICEF To Cut Official Exams Funding

Lebanese Students Want UNICEF To Cut Official Exams Funding
Omar Al-Hout

The Lebanese Student Union 2020 organization has called upon UNICEF and other donors to withdraw their funding of the upcoming official exams in Lebanon.

Citing the shortages of gasoline and electricity and internet cuts, the Union rejected the Education Ministry’s insistence on holding the Baccalaureate exams on schedule.

It demanded in a statement that Baccalaureate students be treated fairly by canceling the exams, in parallel with the Brevet exams cancelation.

The Union also argued that there is “a lack of educational readiness” as well as a lack of practical readiness for the exams, expressing concern about the recent spread of the Delta variant of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The demands echo those of other student organizations in Lebanon, who were quick to respond to caretaker Education Minister Tarek Al-Majzoub’s recent affirmation that the official exams would be held on time starting July 26.

During an interview with Al-Jadeed’s “W Hallaa Shou?” (Now What?) on Sunday, Al-Majzoub stressed that the exams would be held as planned, arguing that canceling the exams would have a negative impact on the educational level of graduating students and their performance at university.

In addition to issuing disapproving statements, organizations such as the Student Council have announced their plan to hold demonstrations this week to protest the decision to move forward with the exams.

The Student Council has suggested that only students who intend to travel or join the Lebanese Army Military Academy, who are estimated at around 1,500 students, take the exams, while the rest receive Pass Statements.

The call to cancel the Baccalaureate exams intensified after the Education Ministry announced the cancelation of the Brevet exams last week.

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