Meet The Lebanese Mother-Daughter Behind Sunday Kitchen In Australia

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Since its launching in 2018, the Lebanese cooking school Sunday Kitchen in Rosebery – a suburb of Sydney – has been conveying Lebanon’s culture and gastronomic heritage, teaching the culinary art of traditional Lebanese food.

It was launched by Lebanese Sivine Tabbouch and her daughter Karima-Chloe Hazim, two generations of home cooks who spend hours sharing their expertise with their guests.

Their main menu is based on traditional Lebanese meals as they teach how to make Fattoush Salad, Kibbeh Naye (Kibbeh tartare), Samke Harra (Spicy Fish), Warak Enab (Stuffed Vine Leaves), Fatteh Batenjein, Shanklish, Fatayer, Manakish, and more.

In addition to the teaching sessions, they cater for private group bookings.

Sunday Kitchen is even more than a cooking school. The Lebanese mother and daughter are thriving in reflecting the Lebanese family values.

“Sunday Kitchen was born out of a love for cooking,” their website reads. “It is a tribute to the heartwarming lunches mum would prepare on the weekend when we were young. The kitchen was a peaceful place in our home growing up, a place to dance, share, and unwind, a place to cook from your heart and prepare dishes, laced with heritage and tradition.”

It also touches on the mother’s experience as an immigrant of Lebanese descent in Australia as she shares the feeling of nostalgia of Lebanese lunch and dinner get-togethers.

Sunday Kitchen is located at Burnt Butter Studios, Little Butter Suite 312, Rosebery, NSW 2018.

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Meet The Lebanese Mother-Daughter Behind Sunday Kitchen In Australia

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