6 Lebanese Superstitions That Could Eerily Be Black Mirror Episodes


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Black Mirror is a Netflix hit that leaves you with thought-provoking concepts that will spice up any debate with your friends.

Are you a fan of the dark and hidden? Do you enjoy digging for skeletons in closets? If your answer is yes, then you are sure to enjoy our list of Black Mirror episodes inspired by Lebanese superstitions that will make Albert Hitchcock run for his money.

We even created a Lebanese season of Black Mirror that’s eerily realistic.

Cozy up in a dark room, and light a candle or two, because this article will take you on a wild ride of “What-ifs” you wouldn’t (or would) want to be part of!

The Evil Eye

Picture this: A dystopian Lebanon, its streets have long weathered and rotted. The people are hiding, clutching their talismans in the hope to repel the negative energy in the air.

It has finally happened, after years of envious glances and sneaky looks, The Evil Eye has prevailed over the land of Lebanon and now the country is ridden with bad luck and envy.

Enter, the A-EYE, an advanced AI developed to detect and neutralize envy-induced bad luck. It patrols the streets, looking to eradicate and punish all the jealousy and jinxes behind eerie gazes. Now that is grim indeed!

Yet, the burning question remains:

Will you be the hunter, or the hunted?

Predicting the Future from Coffee Grounds

We all have been part of the infamous Sunday “Sobhiyeh” where coffee cups are exchanged for a possible insight into the future. You would sit and listen to your aunt tell you about where you will meet your future spouse based on a fish that appeared in your coffee residue.

But, the world has evolved. No longer do you need to be part of a dedicated circle, now, with a click of your finger, an App could “see” your future in the coffee grounds you present to it.

Every morning, the app will inform you of what awaits. It can be as good as winning the lottery, but sometimes it can take a darker turn.

Will you be able to handle it?

Entering a Room with Your Right Foot

Technology has advanced at a rapid pace, and now it sells its latest creation: The Smart Shoe!

Designed specifically to change your luck based on what foot you chose to enter the room with, The Smart Shoe is a technological wonder that can change lives, and sometimes even ruin them!

So, next time you find yourself stepping through the door to a big meeting, be mindful of what foot takes the lead.

Dream Interpretation

Ever woken up from a dream, only to have forgotten it a few minutes later with no way of interpreting its hidden meaning?

Fear no more! The future has got your back, for it has designed a device that can record your dreams for you to re-live whenever you please. Talk about convenience!

But, what happens when these dreams turn into reality? Will you be able to face your nightmares in the real world?

Salt to Ward off Evil

Salt has many uses in Lebanese culture, often used for celebrations or to ward off evil energies.

Yet, evilness can exist in digital form as well. Have you been the victim of a malicious Trojan on the web? The new digital salt developed by a rising tech company is sure to keep your net adventures safe. You can surf through its 3D environment without having to worry about a potential threat.

But, if we learned anything from Black Mirror’s depiction of the future, we know that this digital salt will do more harm than good. So, what will you do once your protection turns against you, and you find yourself trapped within strings and lines of code out to control your mind?

The Curse of the Black Cat

Black cats have always been regarded with misfortune. You have certainly heard and possibly headed the warning about crossing paths with one.

One day, a tech-infused black cat becomes a viral sensation. It is the new star of the town, and everyone rushes to meet and interact with this cyber-enhanced feline. The users begin to lose some of their life force, for the sneaky cat has been stealing their life energy- and adding it to its 7 lives.

Will you step in to stop the cat on its quest for immortality, or succumb to its foreseen rule?

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