Check Out These 6 Lebanese Sweets And Desserts With A Twist!

Lebanese sweets and desserts are out of this world! Not only are they delicious, but they also must be consumed on every occasion: meghleh when a baby is born, baklava when someone graduates, kellej for Ramadan… and the list goes on and on! However, some people thought that these desserts need a twist by combining them with European ones!

#1 Ma3moul with Nutella

I don’t see why we have to wait for Easter to eat maamoul; it tastes so good! And as for maamoul with Nutella: it’s like combining heaven with heaven! A must-try indeed!

#2 Baklava with ice cream

This can be a great way to eat baklava in summer!

#3 Chocolate knefe

Oh, God! Knefeh and chocolate! What could possibly go wrong?

#4 Cheesecake with rose jam

Although cheesecake is not a Lebanese desert, rose jam is! It’s a great way to reinvent the cheesecake and give it a Lebanese feeling!

#5 Halawa and chocolate

Because why not?

#6 Bouza 3a kousa

A shop in Beirut decided to make the ice cream in the “Bouza 3a koussa” joke a reality by creating a zucchini-flavored ice cream! The shop mixed zucchini and laban (yogurt) without adding sugar. According to some people who tried it, it doesn’t taste bad! Read all about it



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