Taxi Drivers In Lebanon Are Struggling To Work & Seeking Other Jobs


Taxi drivers in Lebanon are suffering amid the escalation of the price of gasoline, passing through the high cost of transportation, leading to the lack of passengers. This led to the disintegration of the sector and its entry into the final tunnel.

The hard-living crisis made most taxi drivers look for another job since their work produces only half the price of a gasoline tank and it is not enough to pay the unrealistic subscription bill, water bills, or food for their children.

All this suffering has ensued because the government refused to provide two subsidized gasoline tanks that would ensure the continuity of their work and the sector, and left the taxi drivers on the edge of poverty and even below the line.

Mohammad, a taxi driver, said to MTV that his mother fell and her medication needs $2,500. The warranty does not cover anything, as the device she needs is included in the medical supplies that are paid in fresh dollars.

Mohammad added that what hurts him the most is that he has become without work, as the taxi driver today is like an unemployed person who is useless.

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