Lebanese Teachers Without Borders Launches From Lebanon To The World


A brand new initiative is creating a platform to connect highly-talented Lebanese teachers with students living abroad.

Launched by a group of Lebanese teachers, the Lebanese Teachers Without Borders initiative aims to support professional and skilled educators whose already difficult work was compounded by several major crises in Lebanon.

Like many, teachers in Lebanon have been hit severely by the economic collapse and the pandemic. Today, with the changing exchange rate, a teacher’s salary is worth a fraction of what it used to be. If they are lucky, their salary can be worth just over $50/month.

This has caused educators to look outside of their home country to make use of their skills.

With this initiative, they have created an online learning platform that will allow students of all ages (and for all subjects) to benefit from their expertise and knowledge while gaining an extra income to help them survive.

The teachers are offering help to both young and older students who would like to enhance their Arabic, French, or English language skills as well as other subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, and Geography.

Students get private online sessions with the teachers for the best results. In return, teachers give their students complimentary private lessons and workshops.

Boost Arabic Language

The initiative offers an opportunity for the Arabic-speaking diaspora across the world to improve their own language skills and introduce their children to the formal Arabic language taught in schools in Lebanon.

It’s also a chance for foreigners to learn Arabic straight from the source; from Lebanese teachers who learned it among their first languages.

Learning a foreign language has many advantages especially in the eyes of employers. It is also great for traveling, boosts creativity, and actually makes you smarter.

Spreading the word

The initiative has been getting support from icons and celebrities like Joelle Mardinian, Annabella Hilal, and Raya Abirached.

By spreading the word, teachers in Lebanon will be encouraged to continue educating the young and the old, spreading the power of education and knowledge.

You may connect with the Lebanese Teachers Without Borders here.

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