Lebanese Man Threatens To Kill Boss In Dubai Using His ‘Political Connections’


A Lebanese in Dubai has been charged with the offense of threatening his former boss with death after he was fired from his job.

The accused Lebanese man worked for the company as a marketing manager for 3 years before he was fired in 2018 when it was discovered that he was smuggling wanted people out of the United Arab Emirates.

According to his former boss, who is also from Lebanon, the accused suspect was assisting people in fleeing to Oman to escape prosecution for their financial crimes.

Additionally, nine people from the same company he worked for complained that the accused owed them money for services that were never delivered.

When the Lebanese boss asked the accused to repay the money he embezzled, the man angrily refused.

The ex-boss soon learned from his Emirati business sponsor that he should not travel back to Beirut out of fear that his life could be in danger.

According to the sponsor’s testimony, the accused made threats to have his ex-boss killed in Lebanon at the hands of associates reportedly with links to the Amal Movement and Hezbollah.

The Lebanese man pled not guilty before the Dubai Criminal Court and the next hearing is scheduled for April 12th.