Lebanese Artist Tony Maalouf Hopped On The Infinite Zoom Trend And Nailed It (Video)


Lebanese interior architect, artist, and illustrator, Tony Maalouf (A.K.A El Maalouf), has once again hopped on a new digital artistic trend and nailed it.

Maalouf has shared on his Instagram account a new piece of art following the Infinite Zoom technique, showcased by Lebanese symbolism and Fairouz’s song “If the earth is round, my love” (اذا الأرض مدورة يا حبيبي).

Many artists are now using the digital era to take their art to another level, mainly focusing on intricate details hidden inside their paintings.

The avant-garde technique used is highlighted by a person magnifying the photo, to the point that inside elements become very visible.

Tony Maalouf is a Lebanese illustrator with a tendency to sketch art reflecting Lebanon’s rich culture, using both nostalgic and modern elements.

Here is Tony Maalouf’s Infinite Zoom art:

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