This Lebanese Tourism Video From 1960 Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

Came across this old Lebanese tourism video from the 1960’s and had to share it. The original footage is from the British MovieTone. It’s quite remarkable to see how Lebanon was before the civil war. The video follows a couple getting arriving at the Beirut airport, driving through the crowded streets. There’s some guy waterskiing. Then they get served 3arak at a hotel/resort by the beach. Then they end up at a restaurant in the mountains getting served Lebanese food. There’s lots of dancing. Towards the end, they go to the Jewellers and Goldsmiths market. I wonder what happened to that market? Finally, at the end, they show us the casino. It’s great to see how alive Lebanon was and how well-dressed people were! The video is quite the contrast to


this year’s tourism videos