Lebanese Tourist Tries To Hurt Himself After His Arrest In Turkey

Lebanese Tourist Bangs Head Against Walls After His Arrest In Turkey
Turk Now/screenshot | Sergey Ponomarev/The New York Times

Turkish police had a strange encounter with an aggressive Lebanese tourist last weekend.

The tourist, identified as “B.H.” was at the popular Taksim Square in Istanbul when police stopped and asked him to wear the coronavirus-preventive face mask.

Instead of complying, he attacked the police officers, prompting them to ask for his passport, which did not stop his aggressive behavior, according to Turkish media.

This behavior eventually led to the tourist’s arrest. He was taken to a hospital in Istanbul to undergo the necessary medical tests, where he displayed more aggressive behavior – this time, against himself.

He tried to harm himself by banging his head against the walls of the hospital, reportedly in an attempt to later accuse Turkish police of assaulting him.

After the tests, the tourist was taken to court, which decided to release him and continue his trial without his detention.

The Lebanese tourist tried to harm himself by banging his head against the walls of the hospital.
Security camera footage showed the Lebanese tourist hitting his head against the walls.
Photo: Saudi24 News

has been one of the world’s most open countries in terms of entry restrictions for inbound travelers during the pandemic.

Recently, however, the country announced that, as of December 30, new COVID-19 conditions will apply.

It is to note that data recently published by the Lebanese Health Ministry indicated that more than half of the COVID-19 cases that have arrived through -Rafik Hariri International Airport originated in Turkey.

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